Relatos en inglés con Duolingo Podcast

Thank you for considering pitching a story for this season of Relatos en Inglés

Relatos en Inglés offers intermediate English language learners an opportunity to practice their listening comprehension through compelling, true audio stories. The show features diverse stories about life across the English-speaking world. You can find previous episodes of the show here.

Each episode features two short, 8-10 minute personal stories tied together by a theme. The storyteller tells their story in simple, slow English, and the host chimes in periodically in the listener’s native language to help with story comprehension. The format is narrative, so stories should have strong characters and a clear plot.

You can download our complete pitch guide below, which includes everything you need to know about pitching us and producing stories for Duolingo. 

Download the Pitches Guide

Who can submit a pitch?

This call is open to journalists, writers and producers who want to tell the story of a native English speaker, and native English speakers who want to tell their own stories.

We are only looking for true stories, and while journalism experience is a plus, it is not necessary to have experience with podcasts or audio content.

Deadline and necessary materials

Our pitch deadline is rolling, but to have the best chance of your pitch being considered for this season, please submit it by Sunday, August 15, 2021.

To send your proposal, click on the link below and complete the form. 

If you have any doubts please contact us at Please do not send pitches to this email address. 


Thank you!